About me

I’m Tylor. I’m a Programmer, Linguist, Thereminist, and Stenographer. I do a lot of things on the computer. As of writing, I’m a Staff Software Engineer at SPS Commerce.

I started programming when I was in 7th grade, using good old QBASIC on an old family computer. I wanted to create video games, but I ended up having a lot of fun building websites in PHP, and ended up building a whole bunch of websites and even a custom content management system along with them. These days, at work I program primarily in Java. At home, I like to use Haskell and Rust, though I have also had a lot of fun with Common Lisp in the past.

I have experience as a front end and a back end engineer. I tend to like back end programming a little more, but I do have fun doing things on the front end (as I have done here). Little CSS tricks were a thing I was known for.

I know five languages: Polish, German, Spanish, Latin, and Gothic. I used to be active on the Gothic Wikipedia. I find old languages to be very cool, a sort of portal into a world and mode of thought that no longer exists. If I had a little more time, I’d work on my Classical Chinese; I love its compactness and ambiguity which makes it perfect for poetry.

A picture of me on a boat.

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