I am out!

Posted on May 6, 2023

After many years of living in a condo, I’m finally out of there, and with a modest profit, even.

I thought it would be awesome because I get to live in a convenient location, customize my unit however I want it to be, and never have to cut the grass or shovel the driveway. It was actually the worst of both worlds: All the responsibility of a homeowner, and all the strictures and regulations of an apartment. Combine that with a very onerous neighbor, and I ended up having a very rough time there.

Approximately my last view before I left this horrid place.

Unfortunately I had an extremely tight timeline to get everything out of my house. The buyer wanted a very tight turnaround; I was just coming back from some passport business in Chicago, and I had about a week to really pack my bags and get out of there. What ensued was one of the most laborious and physically difficult efforts I’ve had to go through, that ended with me packing up my car to the brim, getting the last items out to my storage unit 3 minutes before the gate closed at 10:00, and finishing with the remaining bits of junk cleanup at midnight while my partner recovered from food poisoning, all before the day of closing.

But I did get out of there, and just on time!

For the time being, I’m living with family. But this has meant Zendir is offline, two things:

  • All my sanssouci.club services no longer work. If I have time during this tumultuous period, I might rebuild a couple of my services on a droplet.
  • I have to push updates to this site manually using SFTP instead of using Jenkins, and Gitea.

I had to be very careful with how much I took with my to family because I had an extremely limited volume of space that I could carry with me. The car mainly consisted of our primary desktops, some food, and boxes of clothing. I don’t want to set it up again until I have a more permanent place to stay. The fact that I am two hours away from the storage unit that houses my router does not help.

Otherwise, see all you guys in a good while. We’re trying to figure out where to move next, and we are hoping to be able to live somewhere on the coasts for a little while before we settle back down in Minnesota.